Our Passion - Freshness

     We aim to bring you the freshest, most authentic premium olive oils, balsamic vinegars, and gourmet foods available. 

     Olives are a fruit and don't last forever! To guarantee freshness, our oils are sourced from both the northern and southern hemispheres seasonally - so you are tasting and buying the most recent press possible.  They are only acquired from small estate mills all over the world that meet a strict production criteria. Once produced, each oil is laboratory tested in its country of origin and then again in the US to verify the quality.  They are all sensory evaluated, lab tested and certified.
The proof of quality and the health benefits - measured in polyphenols, DAG scores, and oleic acid - is then displayed on each Fusti in our store.

     Our balsamic vinegars come from the Trebbiano grape and are produced in Modena, Italy. Our Traditional Style Condimento balsamic is cooked in copper kettles over an open wood fire in the "Traditional Style".  This time honored method of making balsamic naturally thickens and deeply caramelizes the grape sugar which turns a rich, dark mahogany-brown, allowing us to have one of the very few balsamic vinegars on the market without added caramel color.  This method of production also adds to the unmistakable complexity and richness tasted in our balsamics.

     The honeys, mustards, pastas, and other gourmet items in our store come from sources who use all natural ingredients and have a commitment to freshness and quality.  In addition, many of our items are certified organic and kosher.

Our store is currently off-line while we upgrade.